Youth Chaperon Uganda

Our mission is to Inspire, Empower and Support young people grow or transform into citizens concerned with their wellbeing and the community at large as well as advocate for their rights.

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Youth Chaperon Uganda

Youth Led Non-Government Organization established in 2019 by a group of educated youth volunteers working in the development sector with a mandate of inspiring, empowering and transforming girls, women and youths in all aspects of life as well as advocating for their Rights.

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Youth Chaperon Uganda

Our Methodologies

The Rights Based Approach

Youth Chaperon Uganda (YCU) trains both public and private health service providers in the principals and approaches of delivering rights-based health services, and equips women and girls in the reproductive age group and VHTs with knowledge, skills and mechanisms to engage health workers, local leaders and other RH related duty bearers on challenges and gaps identified in delivery of RH services.

Community Participation

YCU enlists community participation through working with local leadership as well as school and village health structures.

Informal Learning Techniques

: Informal techniques are adopted to support learning with regard to illiterate participants. Participants participate in verbal needs assessments to share their RH experiences and challenges. As discussions progress, participants realize the need to change their attitudes towards issues such as family planning services, sexual rights, HIV/AIDS and attain knowledge to address the challenges they face.

Peer-to-Peer Approach

YCU employs the peer-to-peer approach in disseminating information. Youth Peer Educators (YPEs) are selected and trained in the rights-based approach to service delivery as well as sexual behavior change, and tasked to pass on the acquired knowledge to fellow youth.

Strategic Partnerships

YCU developed strategic networks and partnerships to further the campaign of fulfilling women and girl’s rights and bringing reproductive health services to the grassroots more especially Child Marriages and Teenage Pregnancy.

Community Outreaches

Community based outreaches are used by the Youth Peer Educators (YPEs), Volunteers and Village Health Teams (VHTs) to create an effective network of care in the community.

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